Markets Not Capitalism: An Interview with Charles W. Johnson and Gary Chartier

Bradley Coufal conducts an email interview with Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier regarding Market Not Capitalism.


For the sake of gaining some background on the both of you in order to contextualize your position, can you explain, briefly, where you see yourself politically, and where you see libertarianism proper (left-lib?) on the political spectrum? Along this same line can you discuss briefly some major influential works/thinkers which have influenced you?

Gary [Chartier]:

Sure: I identify politically as a leftist and as a libertarian. I tend to sum up what I take to be the desiderata of a leftist position as opposition to exclusion, subordination, deprivation, and non-defensive war. Not all leftists are libertarians or anarchists (obviously), and not all libertarians (whether or not anarchists) are leftists. But I think there’s a natural fit between the two positions vis-a-vis the underlying concern for freedom and conviction of moral equality. …

Charles [Johnson]:

Sure, thanks for sending this along.

I am first and foremost an Anarchist. (A left-wing individualist Anarchist, or anticapitalist market Anarchist, specifically.)

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