LIVE on Thursday: Coup de Gras Carnival Kickoff Livestream

As some may have heard, the Center for a Stateless Society has joined Krewe de Main as a co-host of this year’s upcoming Coup de Gras festival. Coup de Gras is an annual radical Mardi Gras festival launched in 2020 by Krewe de Main, an anarchist Carnival krewe based around the former Coup de Main land project in Southern Louisiana.

We also have a few exciting virtual and local events leading up to the festival, which takes place from February 25th to March 3rd. First, to get some hype going, and raise some funds for the event, we’ll be putting on our first ever Anti-Nazi Gaming League livestream this Thursday, starting at 4:00 PM CST. Some of our writers, scholars, and friends will be on the stream to game, chat, and hype up the festival. I hope many of you will tune in and consider supporting the stream. All funding will go towards Coup de Gras event expenses, with any extra funds raised going to our ongoing writer fundraisers for Logan Marie Glitterbomb and Anna Morgenstern. We’ll stream until we hit $1,000!

We hope to see you at this premiere livestream for the benefit of Coup de Gras!

Major guests on the stream include:

Where to watch:

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