Just When I Managed to Stop Laughing… on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Just When I Managed to Stop Laughing…” read by Joey Clark and edited by Nick Ford.

Most of the top 1% today are senior corporate management, high-paid attorneys and other professionals, reflecting the growing managerialization of American society and the incorporation of a white collar New Class into the old plutocratic elite. And the effect of this class on the society it oversees is almost uniformly pernicious — as evidenced by the career of Clinton herself, whether as a tool of Walmart and Monsanto in her Rose Law Firm days or as an advocate for police state surveillance and drone killings in the State Department.

And to accept as a “class warrior” someone who pals around with a Morgan Stanley Vice President and assures Wall Street bankers in private speeches that they’re just misunderstood, is a bit beyond anyone’s capacity for suspension of disbelief outside the #UniteBlue Kool-Aid cult. Like a lot of Democrats, Clinton is great at churning out soccer mom rhetoric about “working families around the kitchen table” on demand. But the best way of judging what she’d actually do as President is not by what she says with her mouth, but what she’s doing with her hands meanwhile.

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