At Alternet, Every Day is Liberal Self-Parody Day on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “At Alternet, Every Day is Liberal Self-Parody Day” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford.

“But I want to focus instead on the internal inconsistency of Eskow’s statements on the sharing economy, and his incredibly naive understanding of how regulations work. Eskow’s argument about the sharing economy is:

1) A sharing economy “is lateral in structure” and “a peer-to-peer economy” (correct);

2) Uber is neither. It’s “hierarchical in structure. It monitors and controls its drivers, demanding that they purchase services from it while guiding their movements and determining their level of earnings” (correct again); therefore …

3) The sharing economy is a lie!

Well, no. Genuine sharing — lateral and peer-to-peer — is no lie. We just need to replace the counterfeit, Uber, with the real thing: Open-source ridesharing services instead of proprietary corporate apps, cooperatively controlled by drivers and customers rather than by Uber’s glorified temp agency model. And that would be, incidentally, a genuine free market institution — the kind of thing any genuine libertarian, as opposed to a mere corporate shill, should want.”

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