The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 77

Binoy Kampmark discusses the atrocities of the Shia militias.

Anand Gopal discusses the creation of an Afghan Blackwater.

Laurence M. Vance discusses limiting the government’s carbon footprint.

David S. D’Amato discusses decentralism and libertarianism.

Kevin Schwartz discusses hyping a proxy war in Yemen.

Laurence M. Vance discusses the drug war litmus test.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the 1967 NYT attack on MLK Jr.’s antiwar speech.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the collapse of the Obama doctrine.

Brian Cloughley discusses McCain’s endless refrain of bomb, bomb, bomb.

Shane Smith discusses the spell of interventionism.

Gregoire Chamayou discusses hunting humans by remote control.

Richard M Ebeling discusses tax freedom and the let alone principle.

Sheldon Richman discusses why libertarians must get history right.

Zack Beauchamp discusses why Hilary will pull the Democrats in a hawkish direction.

Eric Draitser discusses Saudi Arabia’s other war.

Doug Bandow discusses why the U.S. is a bigger threat to Mideast stability than Iran.

Robert Parry discusses neocons, R2P, and hypocrisy.

Ray McGovern discusses blowback from America’s wars.

Jeff Stein discusses the “tough on crime” legacy of the Clintons.

Dahr Jamail discuses the death toll from the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Peter Van Buren discusses how the winner in Iraq is Iran.

Justin Raimondo discusses Israel’s strategy of divide and rule.

Doug Bandow discusses why the withdrawal from Afghanistan should be speedy.

Robert Higgs discusses why current immigration policy is unjust.

Jeff Riggenbach discusses Bastiat.

Cory Massimino discusses what anarchism is.

James C. Wilson discusses ending the embargo on Cuba.

Kevin Carson discusses how intellectual property kills.

Ryan Calhoun discusses why reactive liberty is no good.

David S. D’Amato discusses the free market as class warfare.

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