The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 59

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discusses the myth of Thanksgiving.

Uri Avnery discusses new right-wing bills up for passage in Israel.

Nicola Nasser discusses recent bombings in Palestine.

Jonathan Schell discusses Nick Turse’s book on Vietnam.

Annabelle Bamforth discusses a new report on drone deaths.

Ivan Eland discusses the Afghan war.

Lew Rockwell discusses how the presidents are our enemies.

George H. Smith discusses psychological egoism.

Sharon Presley discusses libertarian feminism.

Mikalya Novak discusses feminist and Austrian critiques of mainstream economics.

Binoy Kampmark discusses the Jewish nation-state bill in Israel.

Uri Avnery discusses the situation in Israel.

Brian M. Downing discusses Iran vs the Islamic State.

J.D. Tuccille discusses the core of government.

Jesse Walker discusses Eric Garner’s death.

Zaid Jilani discusses Democratic Party complicity in police militarization.

Chris Floyd discusses refugees and the paucity of money to support them.

Chris Floyd discusses the plight of a Gitmo prisoner.

Chris Floyd discusses drone strikes and state terrorism.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the new defense chief.

Patrick L. Smith discusses the Russia-Ukraine debacle.

James Carden discusses why grand strategy is bunk.

Rob Urie discusses police violence and the idea of race.

Michelle Renee Matisons discusses class, race, gender, and U.S. policing.

Mike Caccioppoli discusses Darren Wilson.

Kelly Vlahos discusses the loss of a champion of civil liberties in Congress.

Dan Fromkin discusses 12 things to keep in mind when reading the torture report.

Esam Al-Amin discusses how Egypt’s coup leaders are a criminal syndicate.

The famous Samuel Reshevsky loses to Rafael Vaganian.

Thomas Ernst defeats Ferdinand Hellers.

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