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The Wonders of Food
Thanksgiving is truly a great holiday. I’ve always enjoyed the day — how it feels, smells, and of course, tastes. As a college instructor, I’m fond of Turkey Day because it comes at the end of a long Fall semester. Thanksgiving offers some needed down time right before the total chaos that rings in the…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 59
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discusses the myth of Thanksgiving. Uri Avnery discusses new right-wing bills up for passage in Israel. Nicola Nasser discusses recent bombings in Palestine. Jonathan Schell discusses Nick Turse’s book on Vietnam. Annabelle Bamforth discusses a new report on drone deaths. Ivan Eland discusses the Afghan war. Lew Rockwell discusses how the presidents are…
Plymouth Stock
The talking point popular among right-leaning libertarians that the Plymouth colony is an example of the failure of the commons has been dealt with on C4SS. But it takes a list to make clear just how often the same piece has been rewritten: Tom Bethell, “How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims”, the Hoover Institution’s Hoover…
Não, Stossel. Os Peregrinos Foram Levados à Inanição por uma Corporação, Não pelo Comunismo.
Todo ano, nesta época, alguém do mundo libertário de direita, repetindo ritual obrigatório de Ação de Graças, faz voltar à tona a velha ladainha acerca de os Peregrinos, em Plymouth, quase morrerem de fome por causa do  “comunismo,” até direitos privados de propriedade e capitalismo os salvarem. Este ano, John Stossel (“Deveríamos Estar Agradecidos pela…
No, Stossel. The Pilgrims Were Starved by a Corporation, Not by Communism.
Each year at this time somebody in the right-libertarian world, reenacting an obligatory Thanksgiving ritual, drags out the old chestnut about the Pilgrims at Plymouth almost starving from “communism” until private property rights and capitalism saved them. This year John Stossel (“We Should Be Thankful for Private Property,” Reason, Nov. 27) gets the honors. In…
Sleep in Friday, Attend Small Business Saturday
If you support free markets, orient yourself more locally starting this week by avoiding Black Friday and supporting Small Business Saturday. Distant producers are majorly disadvantaged by unprivileged markets!
Thankful for Good Hearts in a Silly Statist World
What Ross Kenyon is most thankful for is that even when we disagree, the odds are overwhelming that you are probably still a decent and lovely human being. Very few people are actively malicious!
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