The Individualist Anarchist and Work on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Nick Ford’s “The Individualist Anarchist and Work” from the Students for a Stateless Society‘s Volume 1, Issue 2 of THE NEW LEVELLER read and edited by Nick Ford.

The individualist anarchist may first notice in this situation that the individual is crushed not only by the political arrangements but the systematic and institutional arrangements of work. Whether you are in retail, the food industry — or even in the upper echelon of a big corporation — it remains true that the individual is crushed.

This is chiefly because of how the individual is both treated and seen.

By now it may be regarded as an overstated sentiment but within the context of corporate culture one is treated as a cog in the machine. None of the individuals are important in of themselves but only insofar as their roles are concerned in relation to the corporation.

The solution to all of these problems and more relies on not just abolishing the state and capitalism but abolishing work as well.

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