The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 4

Welcome to the fourth review! Let’s get started.

First up are the usual pieces on foreign policy and militarism:

Daniel R. Mahanty discusses how realists can also champion human rights.

David Swanson discusses the visit to the White House of a Taliban victim and drone strikes.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the victims of war in Iraq.

Joy Gordon discusses the effects of sanctions on Iran.

Binoy Kampark discusses the death to peace efforts via drone strike.

Giuliano Battiston discusses demands for accountability by Afghans.

Juan Cole discusses U.S. genocide in Iraq.

Geoffrey Mcdonald on Egypt and U.S. policy.

Kelly Vlahos discusses the Washington silence on Iraq.

Walter B. Jones discusses the Afghan War.

Jonathan Carp discusses why the draft never stopped a war.

Revelations of NSA involvement in the targeted killing program by Greg Miller, Julie Tate, and Barton Gellman.

Bruce Fein discusses the U.S. master race theory.

William Astore tells us what war is good for.

Civil liberties is the next topic:

Andrew Smolski discusses the liberal legal framework and the NSA spying program.

Ivan Eland discusses the NSA snooping.

Richard Norton-Taylor and Ian Cobain discuss reasons not to believe national security is being threatened by leaks.

Jesselyn Radack on NSA collection of email address books.

Amy Davidson discusses journalists being treated as traitors.

Onward to a brief detour into environmental politics!

Juan Cole discusses ten climate change threats being ignored by the mainstream media.

A second brief detour into the politics of nationalism:

Interview with Jonathan Cook by Joseph Cotto on Israel.

And some misc. pieces follow:

Interview with Tariq Ali.

Sheldon Richman discusses problems with the ACA.

David S. D ‘Amato discusses the War on Drugs.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses post 9-11 policy.

A piece on Stephen Kinzer’s new book on the Dulles brothers.

Obama sure is good at killing people!

Book review of a new text on Israel.

We end with the first two games from the ongoing World Chess Championship:

Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand.

Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen.

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