Quartz’s Narrow View of the Impact of Technology on Labor’s Income

There’s an interesting series of posts at Quartz about the capital-for-labor replacing effects of technology during the last three decades, but regrettably, it doesn’t even hint on the political-institutional barriers that are making the short-run impact of tech more painful for labor than it need be, or the possiblity that technical progress will empower labor only because it will destroy the enforceability of the institutional mechanisms that enclose its benefits for the elite.

It’s the kind of piece that leaves an uneasy feeling after reading it. In a way it’s like having a meal prepared with high quality fresh produce, by a great chef… who somehow forgot to add a key spice that would have enhanced the overall flavor of the dish to a whole new level.

Anyhow, rumors are that the C4SS kitchen is working already to spice the whole thing up and serve it for dinner at the op-ed section. Stay tuned!

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