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Come il Governo Putin Tratta gli Anarchici Russi
Di Citizen Ilya. Originale pubblicato il 23 marzo 2019 con il titolo How Putin’s Government Deals With Russian Anarchists. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Se seguite ciò che sta accadendo in Russia, probabilmente sapete cosa stanno passando attivisti politici e persone dell’opposizione. La dittatura putiniana si basa sulla tortura e il carcere per chiunque non condivida…
How Putin’s Government Deals With Russian Anarchists
If you follow the news about Russia, then you probably know what’s happening right now with opposition and political activists. Putin’s dictatorship focuses on torture and imprisonment of everyone who disagrees with authoritarian anti-social politics. If somebody is struggling against total poverty and unfairness, then they will face repression from  government structures such as FSB…
Putin-Trump Outrage Reveals Shared Imperialist Mindset
If anything can be said to be entertaining about liberals’ reaction to Putin’s possible role in the DNC leaks, it’s what it inadvertently reveals about the unexamined foreign policy assumptions they share with conservatives. Coming as it does on top of a long Trump history of weird Putin adulations, the possibility that Russia hacked the…
Paul Krugman conquista os marcianos
Paul Krugman recentemente argumentou que “conquistar é para perdedores” (“Conquest is for Losers“, New York Times, 21 de Dezembro) como Vladimir Putin: “Não é possível tratar uma sociedade moderna da forma que a antiga Roma tratava uma província conquistada sem destruir as riquezas que você está tentando conquistar. Nesse meio tempo, a guerra ou a…
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