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La Sicurezza su Internet È Responsabilità Nostra
Man mano che apprendiamo altri dettagli sullo spionaggio governativo, appare sempre più sconsiderato affidare la nostra sicurezza a terze parti. Lo stato vuole informazioni sicure sui suoi soggetti. Fin dal primo censimento in Egitto 5.000 anni fa, gli stati hanno sempre cercato di ottenere informazioni personali sui propri cittadini, soprattutto le tirannie, dove informatori e…
Segurança Na Internet É Responsabilidade Nossa
À medida que ficamos sabendo de cada vez mais detalhes acerca da espionagem do governo, parece cada vez mais temerário confiar nossa segurança a terceiros empresariais. O estado requer que a informação acerca de seus súditos seja útil para os resultados desejados. Desde o primeiro censo no Egito, há mais de 5.000 anos, os estados…
Internet Security Is Our Responsibility
As we learn more and more details regarding government spying, it seems more and more foolhardy to trust our security to third party businesses. The state requires information on its subjects to be effective. From the first census in Egypt more than 5000 years ago, states have sought personal information on their citizens, especially in…
Tor and Online Anonymity: The C4SS Tor Node Fundraiser
We encourage everyone to consider operating as a Tor relay node yourself. If this, for whatever reason, is not an option, you can still support the Tor project and online anonymity with a $5 donation to the C4SS Tor relay node. C4SS maintains a Tor relay node with a freedom friendly data center in the Netherlands. The relay is part of a global network dedicated to the idea…
The C4SS Tor Node Fundraiser – Going on Two Years!
“We have done this because we love liberty and hate authority.” – Voltairine de Cleyre
Another Successful C4SS Tor Fundraiser
Thank you again for your support. The state is damage, we will find a route around it.
The State is Damage, Time to Find a Route Around
If you believe, as we do, that Tor is one of the technologies that’s serving to make both state and corporate oppression not only obsolete, but impossible, please contribute today.
Last Chance to Support Tor – Online Anonymity
Please consider an $5 dollar donation and help C4SS play its part in maintaining online anonymity networks.
Just So We’re Clear
C4SS supports WikiLeaks and all “WikiLeaks” like projects.
Supporting Online Anonymity, C4SS Quarterly Tor Node Fundraiser
Helping to make both state and corporate oppression not only obsolete, but impossible.
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