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Même merde, autre fête du travail
Kevin Carson. Article original : Same Shit Different Labor Day, 30 septembre 2021 Traduction Française par Guadalupe Lopes. Les apologistes de droite du capitalisme semblent avoir pour habitude d’utiliser les fêtes pour véhiculer leurs arguments. À chaque Thanksgiving, Reason ressort le buncombe ahistorique de John Stossel sur la façon dont le communisme a presque tué…
Altra Festa del Lavoro, Stesse Idiozie
Kevin Carson. Originale: Same Shit, Different Labor Day, del 13 settembre 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. I libertari di destra apologeti del capitalismo usano le festività come pretesto per promuovere le loro teorie. Ogni anno per la Festa del Ringraziamento Reason riesuma l’antistorica bufala di John Stossel sui padri pellegrini, prima costretti alla fame dal…
Same Shit, Different Labor Day
Right-libertarian apologists for capitalism seem to have a thing about using holidays as vehicles for their talking points. Every Thanksgiving, Reason trots out John Stossel’s ahistorical buncombe about how communism almost killed the Pilgrims before private property saved them from starvation (despite my debunking it every year). On Christmas, we get apologetics for Ebenezer Scrooge,…
Tom Woods’ Confusion On Thick Libertarianism
In the wake of the Duck Dynasty controversy, Tom Woods recently made a post connecting the matter to his grievances surrounding “thick libertarianism.” Woods defines the distinction between “thin” and “thick” libertarians as follows: Some libertarians say the traditional libertarian principle of nonaggression is insufficient. That is merely “thin” libertarianism, they say. We also need…
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