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Oltre il Reddito di Base Universale
Gettare il seme dell’infrastruttura ecologica universale Di Evan Pierce. Originale pubblicato il 13 aprile 2020 con il titolo Beyond UBI: Sowing the Seeds of Universal Ecological Infrastructure. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ultimamente, si parla tanto di reddito di base universale (RBU), che servirebbe a riequilibrare le disuguaglianze, affrontare la crescente precarietà data dalla disoccupazione tecnologica,…
Beyond UBI: Sowing the Seeds of Universal Ecological Infrastructure
Ideas related to Universal Basic Income (UBI) have been gaining some traction lately with the goals of mitigating inequality, addressing the increasing precarity of technological unemployment, and attempting to ensure that people can meet their basic needs. As an anarchist seeking freedom for all, these goals overlap with my own. This essay is not intended…
Solarpunk Visions: A Call to Action
Solarpunk is a somewhat newer subculture inspired by science fiction, most notably steampunk and cyberpunk, and environmentalism. It is a media genre that has produced amazing works in the fields of video games, animation, film, television, literature, and music. It also exists as a real life movement which has influenced areas of society such as…
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