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La Vera Alternativa a Banche e Poste
Un articolo pubblicato il 29 ottobre sul Washington Post prende in esame il piano “rivoluzionario” di Bernie Sander su come cambiare in un solo colpo il sistema bancario e quello postale. L’autore cita il fatto che “dal 1911 al 1967, le poste assunsero anche funzioni bancarie”, permettendo così ai clienti di depositare denaro in un…
Real Alternatives to Banking and Postage
An article published on October 29th by the Washington Post discusses Bernie Sanders’s “revolutionary” plan to change the banking system and Postal Service in one fell swoop. The author mentions that “from 1911 until 1967, the Postal Service also served as a bank,” where customers could deposit money into a savings account. Sanders, recognizing that low income…
Obama’s Gun Control Ableism
President Obama’s recent gun control efforts exemplify the ableism and general discrimination inherent in progressive paternalism. In his latest attempt at gun control, Obama seeks to bar individuals who collect Social Security benefits and whose resources are overseen by “representative payees” due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetence, condition, or disease” from owning or…
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