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Arm the Mentally Ill
On August 7th, movie theater shooter James Holmes was sentenced to life in prison. At the sentencing hearing, Holmes’s mother pleaded that he was a sweet, innocent boy whose mental illness haunted him and eventually turned him into a murderer. From Columbine to Charleston, every time a white man opens fire, mental illness is the…
ISIS Fundamentalists Square Off With Tyrannical And Corrupt U.S. Backed Iraqi Government
Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militants recently launched a major offensive in Iraq. They managed to seize territory from fleeing Iraqi government/police forces. These Islamic fundamentalist fighters are basically engaged in behavior no better than what the Iraqi government does. Their behavior deserves no support from friends of liberty. There is a…
I Frutti dell’Azione Diretta
Gli abitanti del villaggio di Kala/Balge, nello stato nord-nigeriano di Borno, si sono ribellati. Tra le incertezze dei politici e i tweet degli attivisti, gli abitanti di Kala/Balge hanno preso le armi e hanno messo in fuga il nemico con un’imboscata contro un convoglio di Boko Haram, che stava arrivando per assaltare il loro villaggio….
Direct Action Gets Results
In the village of Kalabalge, in the northern Nigerian state of Borno, the people struck back. While politicians dithered and activists twittered, the people of Kalabalge armed themselves and took the fight to their enemies, ambushing a Boko Haram convoy en route to attack their village. At least forty-one Boko Haram militants were killed and ten…
Boko Haram e l’Imperativo dell’Autodifesa
In Nigeria, il gruppo islamico radicale Boko Haram ha compiuto una serie di orribili attacchi, culminati nel recente rapimento di 234 ragazze da un collegio della città di Chibok. L’intenzione, secondo le dichiarazioni, sarebbe di venderle come schiave. Il governo nigeriano chiede la loro liberazione, ma secondo notizie avrebbe fatto ben poco se non aspettare…
Boko Haram and the Imperative of Self-Defense
In Nigeria, radical Islamic group Boko Haram has carried out a series of horrific attacks, culminating in the recent abduction of 234 girls from a boarding school in the city of Chibok. The group allegedly intends to sell the girls into slavery. The Nigerian government pledges to free them, but thus far reports on the…
Resist, Resist, Resist
Freedom and the right to self-defense won a great victory in Texas on Thursday, February 6. Burleson County prosecutor Julie Renken vindictively sought to cage marijuana farmer Henry Goedrich Magee for murder after the fatal shooting of  Adam Sowders, who invaded Magee’s home in the middle of the night to steal his crops and his firearms. Because Sowders…
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