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Anda Tidak Sendiri!: Paritas Stigmergik dan Pemberontakan
Emmi Bevensee. Teks aslinya berjudul “You Are Not Alone!: Stigmergic Parity and Revolt.” Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ameyuri Ringo dan Sachadru. Bakar Bendera Hitam Di hampir setiap kota besar dan sebagian besar kota kecil, ada anarkis, atau orang-orang dengan nilai-nilai anarkis tanpa label, merencanakan cara untuk menciptakan ruang bagi proyek-proyek radikal kami yang mempromosikan…
You Are Not Alone!: Stigmergic Parity and Revolt
Burn the Black Flag In nearly every major city and most small towns, there are anarchists, or people with unlabeled anarchist values, plotting ways to create space for our radical projects promoting positive freedom. In most cities, our efforts are duly encumbered with the toil of filling in the abyss of gaps in state services:…
Revolt: Authoritarian or Libertarian?
Perhaps one of the more striking attacks against libertarian thought is the claim that it, like all other political insights, is just another variation of authority. This argument is exemplified by Engels’ “On Authority” in which he argues that revolution and organization in the anarcho-syndicalist/communist tradition is authoritarian. Revolt is construed into just another assertion…
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