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Mentir hasta que se demuestre la veracidad
De Andrew Kemle. Artículo original: Lying Until Proven Truthful, del 28 de abril de 2022. Traducción al español por Camila Figueroa. CW: Discusiones sobre agresiones sexuales. Cada vez que una figura pública es acusada de agresión sexual o alega que otra figura pública la ha agredido sexualmente, los sitios web y los foros y todo…
Lying Until Proven Truthful
Whenever a public figure is accused of sexual assault or alleges that another public figure has sexually assaulted them, websites and forums and everything else under the sun will inevitably be flooded by some derivation of: “I thought people were innocent until proven guilty in this country!” Leaving aside the long and sordid history of…
The Stupidity of the Elites
Sergio Malbergier writes (“E a estupidez, estupido!,” Folha de S. Paulo, September 11) about what marks, according to him, the current Brazilian presidential campaign: The utter ignorance of the voters. Malbergier believes that candidates and their marketers are so convinced of the electorate’s stupidity (Malbergier does not seem willing to differentiate between stupidity and ignorance) that they will always…
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