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Due Parole su Censura Privata, Potere e Controllo della Parola
Di Alex Aragona. Originale: Some Thoughts on Private Censorship, Power and Control of Speech, 25 gennaio 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In fatto di diritto di espressione, la norma di massima sarebbe che chiunque, individuo o gruppo, ha il diritto di stabilire chi può accedere al suo spazio e cosa può dire al suo interno,…
Deplatforming Parler will have consequences for which we must immediately prepare
Two days after the American far right’s failed fascist coup on January 6th, 2021 that left five people dead in Washington, DC, Twitter (finally) permanently banned the would-be dictator responsible for inciting the mob from their platform. Shortly thereafter, the social media network most closely affiliated with the racist reactionaries, Parler, was kicked off its…
Some Thoughts on Private Censorship, Power, and Control of Speech
As far as speech is concerned, the rule-of-thumb view we should adopt is that any individual or private group has the right to determine who is allowed in their space, and what can be said and done in it, without government interference or a legal obligation to adhere to public opinion. This also means they should…
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