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Kelly Vee on Anarchism, Feminism, Egoism, and Mental Illness
Longtime C4SS contributor Kelly Vee was recently interviewed by Lucy Steigerwald over at Non Serviam Media about egoist feminism, religion, anarchism, objectivism, involuntary confinement, arming the mentally ill, and more. Check out their discussion below.
JARS: 2023 Grand Finale Live!
The grand finale volume to The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies went live today on the site of the Scholarly Publishing Collective. Check it out here. Unlike the print edition [link added], the e-platform version is the only one with full-color images! The 2023 grand finale is a double issue and constitutes the last volume in the journal’s 2+ decade history…
Lockdowns, Libertarians, and Liberation
On February 16, 1967, NBC aired the twenty-second episode in Season 1 of “Star Trek“; it was called “Space Seed,” known to Trekkies as the episode that introduced the world to the character Khan Noonien Singh, he who would come back with fury in the 1982 film, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” For those who aren’t familiar with…
Review: Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation
Let’s begin this review honestly: despite having referenced her in multiple articles, I—like almost all leftists regardless of ideology—do not like Ayn Rand and am most certainly not an Objectivist. I approach her much like Karl Hess did: seeing her value in comparison to Emma Goldman but rejecting her ostensive, unflattering solipsism. Yet, I consider Chris…
Agoric Cafe: Ayn Rand as a Writer
In episode no. 7 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long asks, “Was Ayn Rand a good writer or a bad one?“. Watch here or below.
Agoric Cafe: Interview With Neera K. Badhwar
In episode no. 5 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long chats with philosopher Neera K. Badhwar about backyard buffaloes, wild attack monkeys, Ayn Rand, airline deregulation, eudaimonia and virtue, paternalism and suicide, sociopathic grandmothers, child abuse, Aristotelean business ethics, 19th-century robber barons, charitable Objectivists, friendly Manhattanites, charismatic nationalist leaders, and national health care. In more or…
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