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Afinando el “Desafío del Amoralista”
Escrito por Spooky. Artículo original: Refining the “Amoralist’s Challenge”, del 11 de mayo de 2022. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. Este ensayo es parte de un Simposio de Intercambio Mutuo del C4SS sobre Anarquismo y Egoísmo Algunas reflexiones iniciales En primer lugar, quiero expresar mi constante admiración por lo comprensible y a la vez…
Refining the “Amoralist’s Challenge”
Some Opening Thoughts First, I want to express my constant admiration for how comprehensible yet deeply frustrating I find Jason Lee Byas’ approach to anarchism (something I extend to the Center’s resident radical liberals and adherents to Aristotelianism more generally, more words on that to come). To mirror his repeated praise of the “amoralist’s challenge,”…
Agoric Cafe: Interview With Neera K. Badhwar
In episode no. 5 of Agoric Cafe, Roderick Long chats with philosopher Neera K. Badhwar about backyard buffaloes, wild attack monkeys, Ayn Rand, airline deregulation, eudaimonia and virtue, paternalism and suicide, sociopathic grandmothers, child abuse, Aristotelean business ethics, 19th-century robber barons, charitable Objectivists, friendly Manhattanites, charismatic nationalist leaders, and national health care. In more or…
Roderick Long on YouTube: Agoric Cafe
Those who follow the work of C4SS Senior Fellow Roderick Long will be excited to learn he’s got a new project just launched on YouTube. The “Agoric Café” is “…devoted to philosophy, politics, history, literature, and whatever else he feels like sounding off on, as well as video interviews with interesting people.” Taking its name…
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