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​Aturan Berdarah dan Ordo Kanibal! Bagian II: Sang Anarkis
Ash P. Morgans. Teks aslinya berjudul “Bloody Rule and a Cannibal Order! Part II: The Anarchist” dan merupakan bagian dari  C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium on Anarchism and Egoism. Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Iman Amirullah dan Boggy MS Esai ini merupakan respon terhadap kumpulan esai  Jason Lee Byas’ yang berjudul: “Melawan Kanibalisme Moral,” dan “The…
Bloody Rule and a Cannibal Order! Part II: The Anarchist
This essay is a response to Jason Lee Byas’ series of essays: “Against Moral Cannibalism,” “Anarchy is Moral Order,” “The Authority of Yourself.” There is something else happening in Byas’ account of our own self-enslavement that I find interesting. It’s not just that Byas’ portrayal of anarchism is meant to be retroactively binding, emerging from…
Relitigating Decentralization: Response to M Black
I must confess no small horror on reading M Black’s contribution to this Mutual Exchange. A self-professed anarchist, defending centralization? I would normally let such arguments fall on their face alone, but if we are to platform them in this exchange I feel a moral obligation to reiterate basic reality. My response will be divided…
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