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Contro la Giustizia Penale, II: La Criminalità del Diritto Penale
Di Jason Lee Byas. Originale: Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt II: The Criminality of Criminal Law, 23 novembre 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Pubblicato originariamente sul blog Students for Liberty il 25 novembre 2015. Nel primo articolo di questa serie ho spiegato perché un libertario dovrebbe respingere la pratica penale. In alternativa, credo che…
Contra o Sistema Penal, Parte II: O Direito Criminal É Um Crime
Jason Lee Byas. Título original: Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. II: The Criminality of Criminal Law. Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. ​Na primeira parte desta série, apresentei razões para os libertários rejeitarem as práticas punitivistas. Como alternativa, sugeri que o papel adequado do Direito é a busca pela resolução de conflitos, e…
Against the Criminal Justice System, Pt. II: The Criminality of Criminal Law
In the first post of this series, I gave some reasons why libertarians ought to reject the practice of punishment. As an alternative, I suggested that the only proper role of law is dispute resolution, and that law’s violence can only be used in either direct defense or the collection of restitution. In effect, this…
Networked and Distributed Communities
Networked and Distributed Communities Kevin Carson’s Final Rejoinders This final set of rejoinders to the other participants’ second replies to me, where they made them, is not meant in any way to be comprehensive. It touches only on a few points I especially wanted to address. And anyone who responds to me after this will…
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