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AEI’s Perry Ignores the Unseen on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Cory Massimino‘s “AEI’s Perry Ignores the Unseen” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. Perry does have a point where federal income taxes are concerned. “After transfer payments, households in the bottom 60% are ‘net recipients’ with negative income tax rates, while only the top two ‘net payer’ income quintiles had positive…
Quando si Ignora Ciò che non si Vede
Nel suo classico Quel che si Vede e quel che non si Vede, Frédéric Bastiat osserva: “Tra un cattivo economista e un buon economista c’è una sola differenza: Il cattivo economista considera unicamente gli effetti visibili; il buon economista prende in considerazione sia gli effetti visibili che quelli che andrebbero previsti.” Mark J. Perry, dell’American…
AEI’s Perry Ignores the Unseen
In his classic essay, What is Seen and What is Not Seen, Frederic Bastiat remarks, “There is only one difference between a bad economist and a good one: The bad economist confines himself to the visible effect; the good economist takes into account both the effect that can be seen and those effects that must be foreseen.” The American…
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