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The Attractions of Geo-Mutualism
The Attractions of Geo-Mutualism Appraisers Begone! I am neither a philosopher, nor an economist, nor a political scientist, and so I’ve found myself a bit out of my scholarly depth in this symposium. Prior to these exchanges, I had only slight understanding of Georgist land use proposals, and it had not occurred to me that…
Geo-mutualism Represents a Middle Ground
Geo-mutualism Represents a Middle Ground William Schnack’s Reply to Jason Byas on Economic Rent Jason Byas asks Fred Foldvary which territory is due the rent. “Do I owe rent to the territory roughly corresponding with Decatur, Georgia? Or is it something more like the size of DeKalb County? Or is it to something the size…
“Onto the Ocean or Death!”
Ross Kenyon encounters what he terms “the nationalistic geoist argument” and discusses the consequences it has for the Free State Project, the Seasteading Institute, and all secessionists.
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