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We Need Freedom of Speech in our Financial Commerce
Financial commerce, the exchange of money and currency, is indistinguishable from speech. Therefore, it deserves the exact same respect and “freedom of speech” protections afforded to the utterances of the street-corner preacher, the independent journalist, the newspaper publisher, the internet blogger and so on. Financial commerce is speech, and should be free. Despite all of the “freedom…
Se Você Ama Sua Liberdade, Agradeça a Um Desprezível Hippie Imundo
Carson: Liberdade, não oriunda do estado, e sim da disposição das pessoas para desafiar a autoridade.
If You Love Your Freedom, Thank a Dirty Effing Hippie
Carson: Freedom, not from the state, but from the people’s willingness to defy authority.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
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