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Can We Take the Cops to Sesame Street?
Many of us know by now that law enforcement agencies are not required by law to file reports on when the police kill someone. This under-reporting translates into the FBI data that is collected from the police departments to be inaccurate. But other organizations that I’ve mentioned before like Fatal Encounters and Killed by Police…
They Were a Commission Against the FBI
1971, the story of the whistleblowing Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI which raided files from a regional FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, made its theatrical debut at New York City’s Cinema Village on January 6. The documentary should spark a rediscovery of the seminal but unrecognized group dedicated to exposing the FBI’s disruption of the anti-Vietnam War and civil…
On February 6, an exceptional documentary about the unacknowledged whistleblowing group The Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, 1971, previously only screened at festivals, is beginning a limited theatrical run at New York City’s Cinema Village. As of this writing, there are limited engagements planned in Santa Fe, Portland (Oregon), Los Angeles, Bellingham, Columbus, and internationally in…
El FBI es excelente para frustrar (sus propios) “complots terroristas”
El 14 de enero, el Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos anunció que la Fuerza de Tareas Conjunta contra el Terrorismo había interrumpido el último “complot terrorista interno”, esta vez por parte de “un hombre del área de Cincinnati… que pretendía atacar a la capital de los Estados Unidos y matar funcionarios del gobierno”. El…
The FBI is Great at Disrupting (Its Own) “Terror Plots”
On January 14 the US Department of Justice announced that the Joint Terrorism Task Force had disrupted the latest “domestic terrorism plot” — this time by “a Cincinnati-area man … to attack the U.S. Capital and kill government officials.” House Speaker  John Boehner immediately cited the disrupted plot as evidence that Congress should think carefully before refusing…
Surprise: The Drug War isn’t about Drugs on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Kevin Carson‘s “Surprise: The Drug War isn’t about Drugs” read by Dylan Delikta and edited by Nick Ford. Perhaps the biggest joke is that the War on Drugs is fought to reduce drug use. No doubt many people involved in the domestic enforcement side of the Drug War actually believe this, but the left…
O primeiro passo é admitir que a tortura existe
O sumário mínimo, parcial e pesadamente censurado do senado dos Estados Unidos sobre as torturas conduzidas pela CIA após os atentados de 11 de setembro saíram. A recepção desse relatório pela grande mídia é um demonstrativo tão grande do problema quanto o próprio relatório. Como qualquer viciado em recuperação pode atestar, o primeiro passo é…
O estado precisa do crime
Na paródia do Saturday Night Live do filme Cidadão Kane, num dia de poucas notícias Charles Foster Kane afirma “Se não há notícias, vamos fabricar algumas” e começa a atirar aleatoriamente as pessoas da janela do escritório do jornal. Foi a primeira coisa em que pensei quando li que dois agentes da Polícia Rodoviária da…
Sorpresa: La Guerra alla Droga non Riguarda le Droghe
La mattina del sei novembre l’Fbi ha annunciato la chiusura del sito Silk Road 2.0 e l’arresto del suo presunto gestore, Blake Benthall. In questo modo, l’Fbi ha dimostrato una volta di più che la guerra alla droga non ha niente a che vedere con quello che sostengono i suoi propagandisti. Se la criminalizzazione della…
Sorpresa: La guerra contra las drogas no tiene nada que ver con las drogas
En la mañana del 6 de noviembre, la Oficina Federal de Investigaciones pregonó su derribo del sitio web Silk Road 2.0 y la detención del presunto operador, Blake Benthall. Al hacerlo el FBI ha demostrado, una vez más, que la guerra contra las drogas no tiene nada que ver con lo que declaran sus propagandistas….
Surprise: The Drug War Isn’t About Drugs
On the morning of November 6 the US Federal Bureau of Investigation trumpeted its takedown of the Silk Road 2.0 website and the arrest of  alleged operator Blake Benthall. In so doing the FBI demonstrated, once again, that the War on Drugs has nothing to do with anything its propagandists claim it’s about. If drug criminalization is a…
The Day That Changed Everything
A day on which everyone can remember where they were is seldom a good memory. On September 11, 2001 we added another day to that list of days we’d rather forget. I was in an optimistic frame of mind when my radio alarm woke me that morning. My first real print publication, the pamphlet “Iron…
Cathy Reisenwitz with Angela Keaton from Antiwar.com
C4SS Adviser and Contributor Cathy Reisenwitz is joined by Angela Keaton of antiwar.com to discuss the situation in Iraq as well antiwar.com’s lawsuit against the FBI for illegal spying.
FBI Agent Tries To Copyright Torture Manual, Fails (At Everything)
From Boing Boing: The ACLU has spent years in court trying to get a look at a top-secret FBI interrogation manual that referred to the CIA’s notorious KUBARK torture manual. The FBI released a heavily redacted version at one point — so redacted as to be useless for determining whether its recommendations were constitutional. However,…
2012: Talvez os Maias Estivessem Certos
Obervem, para ver tempos interessantes.
2012: Maybe the Mayans Were Right
Knapp: The stateless society isn’t just looking more and more theoretically viable, it is openly emerging as the paradigm of the next long historical cycle.
Under Surveillance America
Darian Worden on Ernest Withers, the FBI, and surveillance of political activists.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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