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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 81
Patrick Cockburn discusses whether ISIS is really on the run or not. Gareth Porter discusses why Iran will remain an enemy of the U.S. government. Ray McGovern discusses Obama’s snub of Russia on WW2. Tom Engelhardt discusses body counts and American warfare. Avens O’Brien discusses empathy and libertarianism. Glenn Greenwald discusses IDF soldier testimony about…
Public vs Private Dualities and Contextual Analysis on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Natasha Petrova‘s “Public vs Private Dualities and Contextual Analysis” read and edited by Nick Ford. It’s certainly possible for a non-government controlled space or institution to meet the criteria above. An example is a privately owned local library called Linda Hall Library that is nonetheless open to the public. This example also…
Public vs Private Dualities and Contextual Analysis
Among the most enduring and pressing of questions for social scientists has been the nature of the public and private spheres. A great many political battles have been fought over control or delineation of these respective spaces. Some of these battles have been fought by the Civil Rights Movement and labor movement. Both of which…
More Thoughts on Property Rights and Sit-Ins
In one of my blog posts; I discussed property rights and the Civil Rights era sit-ins. This post is a further exploration of the subject. I said the following in the previous post: These bills make an Orwellian use of terms like freedom. The ability to exclude people for irrational and arbitrary reasons is not…
Bring Back The Tactics Of The Civil Rights Movement
Several states have recently considered passing laws allowing legal discrimination against LGBT people. These laws are based on the notion of religious freedom. What is the proper left-libertarian response to these laws? The answer is advocacy of direct action. If the laws pass, we left-libertarians should engage in sit-ins analogous to what the Civil Rights…
Rethinking Racial Issues And Libertarian Strategy
Libertarians are used to being accused of racism. This is often due to their position on civil rights legislation. The basis for that particular stance is to be found in the libertarian conception of property rights, freedom of association and non-aggression. Uninformed critics will miss this and attribute the libertarian position to racism. That having…
Under Surveillance America
Darian Worden on Ernest Withers, the FBI, and surveillance of political activists.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory