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Our Burden: Disability as a Lens Towards Anarchism
I am disabled. According to the conventional world and medical world, I am highly disabled. I am a C6 incomplete quadriplegic. I feel nothing from the chest down. My right side has tricep, bicep, wrist function, and limited hand function (as I type this with one finger); my left side has bicep, a sliver of…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Pretrial Detention as a Human Rights Crisis
A new report from the Open Society Justice Initiative documents the overuse of pretrial detention around the globe. The report estimates that around 3.3 million people are currently incarcerated awaiting trial. These people have yet to be convicted of any crime, yet they are locked in cages and subjected to brutal human rights abuses. Martin Schoenteich…
Una Madre Contro una Balia Oltraggiosa
Cosa faresti se tua figlia avesse un male incurabile? Una figlia destinata a passare il resto della sua vita tra crisi frequenti, che non possono essere alleviate da nessuna delle medicine disponibili nel tuo paese? O, peggio, le medicine esistono e si possono comprare all’estero, ma il tuo paese ti proibisce di farlo e ti…
A Mother vs. an Abusive Nanny
What would you do if your daughter had an incurable disease? A daughter destined to spend the rest of her life having frequent seizures, uncontrollable by any medicine available in your country? Or, worse: whose only medicine could be acquired abroad, but your country forbids it and labels you a criminal if you do that?…
A Few Thoughts On Disability And Anarchism
I’ve been thinking about how my experiences with disabilities have shaped my perception of anarchism. Throughout western culture, there’s the tension between the idea that our value is innate in our humanity, and the idea that our value is dependent on our utility to others. But utility doesn’t exist in itself, it exists in its…
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