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Authoritarianism Means Never Having to Apologize over Spilled Milk
In Virginia a middle school student named Ryan Turk was arrested and then suspended from school for allegedly stealing a $0.65 carton of milk. Officials claim that the student tried to conceal the carton of milk and are also charging him with larceny. This charge could impinge Turk’s record which could also lead to further…
Essere “Una Cosa a Parte” È la Vocazione dello Stato
Voltairine de Cleyre, anarchica senza aggettivi vissuta tra il diciannovesimo e il ventesimo secolo, diceva nel suo saggio “Anarchism and American Traditions” che “…lo stato per sua natura tende a diventare una cosa a parte, un’istituzione che esiste per il proprio bene, che depreda le persone, che insegna tutto ciò che può aiutarlo a mantenere…
Becoming “A Thing Apart” is the Story of Government
Voltairine de Cleyre, the 19th and 20th century anarchist without adjectives, stated in her essay, “Anarchism and American Traditions” that, “…the nature of government is to become a thing apart, an institution existing for its own sake, preying upon the people, and teaching whatever will tend to keep it secure in its seat.” If the…
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