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L’importanza di Quentin Meillassoux per i Radicali
Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale pubblicato il 6 febbraio 2019 con il titolo The Importance of Quentin Meillassoux for Radicals. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quentin Meillassoux è un filosofo francese contemporaneo e docente presso la Sorbona di Parigi. È poi parte di quel movimento che Ray Brassier, filosofo anche lui nonché traduttore di alcune opere di…
The Importance of Quentin Meillassoux for Radicals
Quentin Meillassoux is a contemporary French philosopher and a teacher at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. He is also part of the movement that Ray Brassier, a fellow philosopher and translator of some of Meillassoux’s work, christened “speculative realism.” This disparate group is connected almost solely by a rejection of correlationism—which is the notion that we…
Tackling Straw Men is Easier than Critiquing Libertarianism
Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I think it behooves a critic to understand what he’s criticizing. I realize that tackling straw men is much easier than dealing with challenging arguments, but that’s no excuse for the shoddy work we find in John Edward Terrell’s New York Times post, “Evolution and the American Myth of the…
No Matter, No Master: Godwin’s Humean Anarchism
Roderick T. Long: Even in what might seem his least Humean moment – his anarchism – Godwin draws more decisively on Hume than on Rousseau.
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