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Guerra Cibernetica: Il Nemico Sei Tu
Bloomberg ha pubblicato una notizia secondo cui “il più grosso gruppo d’affari di Wall Street ha avanzato la proposta di un consiglio stato-industria che si occupi di guerra cibernetica,” consiglio che sarebbe guidato da “un grosso rappresentante della Casa Bianca” e composto da rappresentanti dell’alta finanza e di almeno otto agenzie federali. Il suddetto “gruppo…
Cyber War: The Enemy is You
Bloomberg reports that “Wall Street’s biggest trade group has proposed a government-industry cyber war council,” led by a “senior White House official” and composed of representatives from the finance industry and no fewer than eight US federal agencies. The aforementioned “trade group,” the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, has already brought in former National…
SpamHaus v. CyberBunker: More Than Meets the Eye
Knapp: Spamhaus looks, well, dangerous to a free and open Internet. And as we dig into the details of its dust-up with Cyberbunker, even more so.
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