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Green Market Agorist Episode 18: From Nazi Bonehead to Libertarian Anarchist (feat. MilitiaSlim)
In this month’s episode, Logan Marie Glitterbomb talks with YouTuber MilitiaSlim about his recruitment into white supremacy as a teenager and his evolution into an anti-racist skinhead. Find MilitiaSlim on YouTube here. Credits: Intro song: Greenwashing by Appalachian Terror Unit Outro song: Secrets (Grooving mix) by Zoë Blade —————————————————————————————— Donate to Logan’s legal fund!  …
How to “Doom” Anarchism: A Response to Dakota Hensley
Can there be such a thing as a “conservative anarchist?” Yes, as is true of any broad political label – socialist, democrat, libertarian, the list grows longer every day as the far right tries to appropriate the language of other tendencies. Ultimately, one can identify with whatever values they want, this is the foundation of…
Anarquismo de Massas: Uma Estratégia Política para Circunscrever a Direita Alternativa
Movimentos populares, que se foquem na auto-defesa comunitária anti-policial, podem ser a melhor maneira de circunscrever com eficácia a influência que as páginas de notícias falsas da direita alternativa continuam a deter na sociedade tanto agora como a longo prazo. Em contraste com campanhas monotemáticas, um movimento amplo pela auto-defesa comunitária iria evitar quaisquer percalços…
The Power of Counter-Recruitment
In the age of the alt-right, antifascist organizing is increasingly a topic of mainstream political dialogue. While most of what is focused on in the news consists of misinformation around subjects such as black bloc, Nazi punching, and deplatforming, there is another tactic that largely goes undiscussed: counter-recruitment. First off, let’s get this out of…
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