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Grazie, Forse
Di Alex Aragona. Originale pubblicato l’otto giugno 2020 con il titolo Thanks, I Guess. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quando grandi aziende occidentali durante una pandemia offrono aiuto e assistenza, le pubbliche relazioni dell’azienda, lo stato e i mass media ne parlano come se fossero santi che fanno la grazia. Nel migliore dei casi, questa è…
Thanks, I Guess
When massive Western corporations provide relief and assistance during a pandemic, these stories are easily framed by corporate communications teams, the government, and mass media as some sort of angelic benevolence. This is, at most, half the story.  Many have hailed these companies for “stepping up” as they turn their productive capacities to producing things…
My Anarchist Take on the Panama Papers
The release of the Panama Papers last weekend — a paper trail of eleven million leaked documents from the Mossack Fonseca global law firm — shows how major global banks move assets of billionaire capitalists and major political figures offshore to protect them from taxation. The revelation has stirred up a political hornets’ nest all…
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