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Il Coma delle Illusioni
Di Kevin Carson. Articolo originale: Konstantin Kisin’s Delusions Are On Life Support, del 18 gennaio 2024. Traduzione italiana di Enrico Sanna. Il 22 ottobre scorso Konstantin Kisin pubblica un articolo su The Free Press (una pubblicazione fondata da Bari Weiss e specializzata in scenate contro la cultura “woke”) che immediatamente fa il giro del web….
Konstantin Kisin’s Delusions Are On Life Support
An October 22 article by Konstantin Kisin at The Free Press — a publication founded by Bari Weiss, a pony whose one trick is anti-“woke” culture war theatrics — immediately went viral. Its popularity on the Right is suggested by the fact that its title, “The Day the Delusions Died,” trended on Twitter the following…
Sol ve Sağ: Hürriyet Beklentileri
Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale Murray Rothbard tarafından kaleme alınmış ve LEFT AND RIGHT: A Journal of Libertarian Thought; Volume 1, Number 1; Spring 1965’de yayınlanmıştır. 20 Haziran 2013’te ise C4SS’de yayınlanmış, Efsa tarafından Türkçe’ye çevrilmiştir. Muhafazakârlar farkında olsunlar ya da olmasınlar uzun vadeli bir kötümserlikle damgalanmışlardır: uzun vadeli akımın ve dolayısıyla zamanın kendilerine karşı olduğu…
An Anarchist Reads “The Conservative Nanny State”
It is difficult to take a political work seriously with the word “nanny” in the title, but Dean Baker’s 2006 book the “Conservative Nanny State” is a serious book and a decent introduction to some often overlooked market distortions that benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else. It also has the advantage of…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 29
Steven Reisner discusses a letter to Obama about ending torture once and for all. Ralph Nader discusses a potential left-right alliance. Vincent Navarro discusses the Mondragon worker cooperatives in Spain. James Peron discusses how people who hate gays also hate capitalists in the context of the businesses refusing to discriminate against them. Qatryk interviews Roderick…
Definições e distinções
Livre mercado: Condição social em que todas as transações econômicas são resultado de escolhas voluntárias sem coerção. Estado: Instituição que intervém no livre mercado através do exercício direto da coerção ou da concessão de privilégios (sustentados pela coerção). Impostos: Forma de coerção ou interferência no livre mercado em que o estado coleta tributos (os impostos)…
Response To Comments On We’re Not Conservatives: Part Two
The Libertarian Alliance blog posted my piece on why libertarians are not conservatives. It wasn’t received very well. The poster of the article argued thusly: Note: In my view, this is a silly article. The author does to conservatism just what the more brain dead conservatives do to libertarianism – that is, to pick out…
Response To Comments On We’re Not Conservatives: Part One
My blog post on the differences between conservatives and libertarians has caused some controversy. These criticisms and comments deserve to be answered. Let’s start with a comment made on this page by N8chz: Libertarian and conservative are practically opposites, but America is a special place. American libertarianism is a different breed of libertarianism and American…
No, Congressman Amash, Conservatism Is Not Libertarianism
US Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) is far from the first, and is unlikely to be the last, politician to equate libertarianism and conservatism (“Rep. Justin Amash: Conservative and libertarian ‘basically the same philosophy,’” by Jack Hunter, Rare, February 16). But the comparison is not only just plain wrong: It benefits supporters of statism on both…
Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty
The Conservative has long been marked, whether he knows it or not, by long-run pessimism: by the belief that the long-run trend, and therefore time itself, is against him. Hence, the inevitable trend runs toward left-wing statism at home and communism abroad. It is this long-run despair that accounts for the Conservative’s rather bizarre short-run…
The Carnage in the Middle of the Road
Anthony Gregory: They must make their decision: liberal means through liberal ends or conservative means through conservative ends. Dancing in the center divide is bound to get someone killed.
Definitions and Distinctions
THE STATE: That institution which interferes with the Free Market through the direct exercise of coercion or the granting of privileges (backed by coercion).
True Economic Liberty: Not a Conservative Idea
Darian Worden: Don’t confuse a free market with privilege.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory