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Them Pore Ol’ Banks Need All the Help They Can Get
At Reason (“The Government Wants To Cap Credit Card Late Fees. It Will Hurt the Poor“), Veronique de Rugy shows levels of compassion for the poor suffering banks that hasn’t been seen since John Stossel condemned the immorality of walking away from underwater mortgages. De Rugy starts off on a note seemingly calculated to alienate…
Damage Is Not Enough
Steven Greenhut, apparently filling in for Christian Britschgi as Reason’s resident landlord whisperer, recently voiced his concern that “The COVID-19 Pandemic Permanently Damaged Property Rights.”  I know proppity is a word to conjure with among right-libertarians. From my anarchist perspective, the term — as opposed to possession — carries far less weight. But I regard…
Bernie Sanders’s Short Memory
During his interview with the New York Daily News, Bernie Sanders was asked to specify the fraud committed by Wall Street banks. He replied: “What kind of fraudulent activity? Fraudulent activity that brought this country into the worst economic decline in its history by selling packages of fraudulent, fraudulent, worthless subprime mortgages. How’s that for…
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