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Liberate la Popolazione, non i Popoli
Di Black Cat. Originale pubblicato il 26 maggio 2019 con il titolo Liberate People, Not Peoples. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Dico subito che sono americano. Le questioni esposte qui riguardano (non solo, es) la sinistra americana. Il mio paese ha orribili responsabilità in fatto di interventi in tutto il mondo, i militari americani hanno lasciato…
Liberate People, Not Peoples
Before I begin, I suppose I should mention that I am an American. I will be, for the most part, addressing issues within the American left. Within that perspective is a recognition of my home country’s disastrous role in interventions across the world, and the large footprint that American military activity has left on other…
Trump Is Right: John McCain is Not A Hero
On July 18th, Donald Trump enraged fellow Republicans by stating that Arizona Senator John McCain is “not a war hero.” Trump referenced McCain’s imprisonment by the North Vietnamese stating, “I like people that weren’t captured.” Americans like to think of all their armed servicemen as heroic, and this is especially true of McCain, a POW who was imprisoned…
Dubious Arguments Against Releasing Senate Torture Report
Yahoo News recently reported that an internal U.S. intelligence memorandum warns that the release of a Senate report on torture could inflame anti-U.S. sentiment in the Middle East. This is a predictably bad argument that usefully serves to keep people worldwide in the dark about the criminal practices of the U.S. government. This argument assumes…
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