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Anarchism for a Mainstream Audience
If anarchism is to get anywhere as a movement, it requires us to build the world we wish to see. To paraphrase the classic wobbly mantra, our goal is and should be to “build a new world within the shell of the old.” In order to do this we must actually create the structures which…
Don’t Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol — Keep Government Out! on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents James C. Wilson‘s “Don’t Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol — Keep Government Out!” read by Joey Clark and edited by Nick Ford. “Supporters of marijuana prohibition are not getting any younger. More than 213 million Americans live in jurisdictions with some form of legal marijuana use. Growing numbers recognize marijuana as a means of…
Non Regolate la Marijuana Come gli Alcolici – Tenete Fuori lo Stato!
Il venti febbraio, i parlamentari americani Jared Polis (democratico, Colorado) e Earl Blumenauer (democratico, Oregon) hanno presentato due nuove proposte di legge che mirano alla legalizzazione della marijuana a livello federale. La pratica di arrestare, multare, opprimere e stigmatizzare chi usa la marijuana è un fatto tragico che ha danneggiato l’esistenza di tanti. La fine…
Don’t Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol — Keep Government Out!
On February 20, US Representatives Jared Polis (D-CO) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced two new bills for federal marijuana legalization. The US government’s practice of imprisoning, fining, harassing and stigmatizing marijuana users is tragic and has damaged many lives. Ending prohibition is a welcome change, but these bills have severe problems. If passed, they would turn marijuana…
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