Editor’s Report, January 2016

C4SS kicked off 2016 with a bang.

In January, Gary Chartier produced several op-eds, including the left-libertarian masterpiece What’s Wrong With Inequality? It reached the front page of Real Clear Markets. Kevin Carson looked at the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, ripping into vulgar libertarian calls for more water “privatization” as the remedy. Sheldon Richman exposed Hillary Clinton’s long history of warmongering, concluding: “No one is fit to exercise power, but Hillary Clinton is the least fit of all.” In Lego and the Building Blocks of Patriarchy, Roderick Long examined the complex web of factors that shape modern day gender roles in light of Lego’s attempts to market products to girls.

C4SS added yet another gem to its Left-Libertarian Classic catalog with a reprint of Voltairine de Cleyre’s The Past and Future of the Ladies’ Liberal League. Nick Ford introduced the essay.

Kevin Carson reviewed Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future.

Last but not least, we’re in the process of deciding on the next Mutual Exchange topic. We hope to have an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

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