Editor’s Report, October 2015

C4SS was awfully busy in the month of October tackling important and wide-ranging issues. Roderick Long reported on racial bias in America’s judicial system — particularly how it affects criminal defendants and jury composition. Jason Farrell discussed the contradiction-in-terms that is “libertarian” politicians, and why they fail to achieve success. I wrote on a subject seldom discussed in libertarian and anarchist circles: Animals.

C4SS also began its exciting new program, Mutual Exchange. As C4SS’s first Mutual Exchange Coordinator Cory Massimino put it, the program is “C4SS’s effort to achieve mutual understanding through exchange,” and that, “Mutual Exchange will explore many issues from a variety of perspectives.” October’s program, Do Free Markets Always Produce a Corporate Economy?, brought forth a lead essay from Kevin Carson, followed by responses from Derek Wall and Steven Horwitz. The program concluded with Carson’s rejoinders to Wall and Horwitz. Many thanks to the participants for all their hard work. We expect to have the symposium reproduced in print and e-book formats in short order.

C4SS continued its series of left-libertarian reprints. Gary Chartier wrote an introduction to Bill Kauffman’s The Way of Love: Dorothy Day and the American Right. I did the same for Bob Shea’s Doing Anarchism Yourself.

James C. Wilson reviewed two very interesting anarchist-themed books: Angela Davis’s Are Prisons Obsolete and Sudhir Venkatesh’s Floating City: A Rogue Sociologist Lost and Found in New York’s Underground Economy.

When I look back on the month, I’m amazed at how much C4SS produced in such a short time. But we couldn’t do it without you, the reader, and your all-important financial contributions. We depend on you. Please help keep us going and growing by making a donation via Paypal, Patreon, or any of our other countless giving platforms:


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