The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 102

Robert Parry discusses U.S. hypocrisy on bombing.

John Feffer discusses modern day population transfers in the Middle East.

Richard Falk discusses the situation in Yemen.

Uri Avnery discusses Nasser.

Michael Welton discusses Canadian foreign policy.

Dan Sanchez discusses the recent bombing of an Afghan hospital.

Roderick T. Long discusses banking freedom in ancient Athens.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses the U.S. bombing of an Afghan hospital.

Dan Sanchez discusses Israeli foreign policy.

Ivan Eland discusses reality and symbolism in public affairs.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses U.S. hypocrisy with respect to Cuba.

George H. Smith discusses John Locke on private property.

Dahr Jamail discusses justice for Iraq and one man’s mission.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the U.S. in South Korea.

Sheldon Richman discusses proposals to deal with gun violence.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses U.S. tyranny and Bobby Fischer.

Jeffrey A. Tucker discusses the prison state.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the media coverage of the recent attack on an Afghan hospital.

Andrew Levine discusses Obama’s losing game in Syria.

Ryan McMaken discusses gun control.

Robert Koehler discusses the bombing of an Afghan hospital.

Michael Brenner discusses two new books on Henry Kissinger.

Franklin Lamb discusses what should be done about the recent U.S. bombing of an Afghan hospital.

Brian Cloughley discusses the recent bombing of an Afghan hospital and the U.S./NATO propaganda machine.

Uri Avnery discusses Abbas.

Gary Leupp discusses the six most disastrous interventions of the 21st century.

John Feffer discusses the Obama war on whistleblowers.

Robert Fantina discusses Canadian universities and Israel.

David Price and Juan Gonzalez discuss the use and abuse of culture in Afghanistan.

Louis Proyect discusses the end of academic freedom in America.

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