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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 108
Roderick T. Long discusses public choice theory as it applies to ancient Athens. Roderick T. Long discusses political themes in ancient Greek drama. George H. Smith discusses John Locke on money and private property. Lucy Steigerwald discusses Paris, fear, and repetition. Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the counter-containment racket. Sheldon Richman discusses letting the refugees in….
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 102
Robert Parry discusses U.S. hypocrisy on bombing. John Feffer discusses modern day population transfers in the Middle East. Richard Falk discusses the situation in Yemen. Uri Avnery discusses Nasser. Michael Welton discusses Canadian foreign policy. Dan Sanchez discusses the recent bombing of an Afghan hospital. Roderick T. Long discusses banking freedom in ancient Athens. Lucy…
The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 101
Rami G. Khouri discusses the GCC intervention in Yemen. Robert Parry discusses whether neocons are an existential threat. Alfred McCoy discusses Obama’s policy towards China. Nick Turse discusses the meaning of assassination. Vijay Prashad discusses rogue states and diplomacy with Noam Chomsky. Yves Engler discusses the Canadian contribution to British colonialism. Glenn Greenwald discusses a…
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