The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 101

Rami G. Khouri discusses the GCC intervention in Yemen.

Robert Parry discusses whether neocons are an existential threat.

Alfred McCoy discusses Obama’s policy towards China.

Nick Turse discusses the meaning of assassination.

Vijay Prashad discusses rogue states and diplomacy with Noam Chomsky.

Yves Engler discusses the Canadian contribution to British colonialism.

Glenn Greenwald discusses a good interview of a British Saudi loyalist.

Aisha Maniar discusses the efforts to hold torturers accountable.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses whether we’re getting somewhere on tech privacy.

Laurence M. Vance discusses the legitimacy of gambling laws.

Bill Buppert discusses American policing and the coming domestic insurgency.

Martha Mundy discusses the war in Yemen.

Ivan Eland discusses why the U.S. shouldn’t go to war with China.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the spread of the War on Terror to Syria.

Adam Dick discusses ending sin taxes on marijuana.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses why libertarians don’t compromise.

Leonard Read discusses the penalties of surrender.

James Bovard discusses the Supreme Court’s record on freedom.

Jeffrey A. Tucker discusses Auberon Herbert.

Lawrence W. Reed discusses an antiwar hero.

Sheldon Richman discusses Planned Parenthood, social peace, and the libertarian approach.

Sheldon Richman discusses ending gun violence.

Sheldon Richman discusses why the politicians really need us.

David S. D’Amato discusses the right to rule.

Abigail R. Hall discusses the distrust of Uncle Sam.

Lucy Stegierwald discusses the rotten character of U.S. policy.

Glenn Greenwald discusses how U.S. bombs keep dropping in places where wars have allegedly ended.

Roderick T. Long discusses economic freedom in Athens.

John Pilger discusses Wikileaks.

Joshua Frank discusses the need to oppose all foreign intervention in Syria.

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