The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 15

Amanda Marcotte discusses the tribalism of the religious right.

William Norman Grigg discusses police brutality.

David R. Hoffman discusses the NSA and CIA as criminal enterprises.

Arthur Silber discusses psychological manipulation and lying.

Arthur Silber discusses atrocity in the context of war.

Arthur Silber discusses neurosis and terror as national policy.

Arthur Silber discusses a psychologically dead culture.

Kevin Carson discusses what happens when basic services are declared a right.

Shamus Cooke discusses the top three media lies about the peace conference surrounding the Geneva Syrian peace talks.

Barbara Sostaita discusses why the liberty movement isn’t winning.

George H. Smith discusses Rudolf Rocker and the will to power.

Norman Solomon and Abba A. Solomon discusses the problems with liberal zionism and J Street.

Nile Bowie discusses security before politics.

Chase Madar discusses liberal law professors and killing.

Anthony Gregory discusses libertarian factionalism.

Thaddeus Russell discusses how nominally liberal presidents have killed.

Justin Raimondo discusses the Progressive crack up.

Peter Hart discusses apologist reporting on the Afghan War.

Nicola Perugini and Neve Gordon discuss ethnic purity policies in Israel.

Gina Luttrell discusses why acknowledging privilege exists is necessary for achieving individualism.

Stephen Zunes discusses the U.S. role in the upsurge of violence in Iraq.

Jeffrey Kaye discusses the Obama administration’s continued use of torture.

Justin Raimondo discusses the use of WW2 by contemporary warmongerers.

Laurence M. Vance discusses Nick Turse’s book on Vietnam.

Rachel Burger discusses 4 programs worth ending before welfare for the poor.

Rosa Brooks discusses the CIA and torture.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the starvation occurring in Syria.

Peter Hart discusses more apologia for the Afghan War.

Bobby Fischer plays the Queen’s Gambit for the first time and kills.

Bobby Fischer plays a fantastically creative game.

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