The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 1


This is my first weekly review. In the tradition of the individualist anarchist, Benjamin Tucker, it will be edited to fit the editor. The political-cultural-economic angle will be anti-state, anti-authoritarian, left-wing market anarchist, anti-imperialist, libertarian, and pro-sex feminist.

Let us begin with a rundown of some fantastic foreign policy related pieces:

1. Sean Scallon discusses the rise of a nationalist militarist “left”.

2. Sheldon Richman reminds us of the dubious moral standing of the U.S. government in condemning the Assad regime.

3. Diana Johnstone discusses the use of the bombing of Serbia to justify the potential war in Syria.

4. Kate Epstein discusses Chelsea Manning.

5. Freddie deBoer talks about the tendency of liberal hawks to try to find a good war.

6. Ramah Kudami has a list of do’s and don’ts for Progressives on Syria.

7. Norman Pollack on Obama’s march to war in Syria.

8. Norman Pollack speaks on militarism again!

9. Jacob Hornberger discusses U.S. hypocrisy towards the Syrian government.

10. A news article by Cora Currier details how Obama has failed to investigate an infamous massacre by Afghan allies.

11. Michael Arria discusses how the allegedly Liberal news network, MSNBC, aligns with state war objectives.

12. Sheldon Richman discusses lies surrounding the Afghan War.

13. Jordan Michael Smith writes a review of George Kennan’s American Diplomacy.

A storm erupted over Michael Lind’s critique of libertarians for not having a single country to point to. Several good responses were penned. Roderick Long and Kevin Carson wrote my favorite ones. I include them below along with general pieces on libertarianism.

1. Thomas E. Woods Jr. discusses the silliness of a recent Salon piece on libertarianism.

2. Rachel Burger explains why “Libertarian” arguments against gay marriage fail.

3. Anthony Gregory discusses what’s wrong with both the governmentalist left and right.

4. Ronald Bailey responds to a critique of Libertarianism.

5. Left-libertarian market anarchist, Roderick Long, responds to Michael Lind and E.J. Dionne.

6. Sheldon Richman responds to Michael Lind’s contention that libertarians love dictatorship.

7. Kevin Carson rips Michael Lind a new one too!

8. Kevin Carson answers Michael Lind’s query about the lack of a libertarian country too.

Next up are a series of articles on civil liberties violations. Keep Big Brother away!

1. Justin Raimondo discusses the recent NSA spying revelations.

2. Norman Solomon writes an open letter to Dianne Feinstein.

3. A Guardian editorial discusses the recent NSA revelations.

And two articles on the evil of the War on Drugs!

1. Darryl W Perry talks about how drug policy made him an anarchist.

2. Carmen Yarrusso discusses the legalization of marijuana.

A few chess pieces from the site

1. Book review of a Mikhail Tal text.

2. Steve Goldberg reviews Pawn Structure Chess.

3. Chess problem solving portrayed as an art below. It’s taken from T.B. Rowland and F.F. Rowland’s, The Problem Art.

4. Review of ebook on the Ruy Lopez by Chris Wainscott.

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