Support C4SS with ALL Distro’s Bookshelf of the Libertarian Left

C4SS has teamed up with the Distro of the Libertarian Left. The Distro produces and distribute zines and booklets on anarchism, market anarchist theory, counter-economics, and other movements for liberation. For every copy of ALL Distro’s Bookshelf of the Libertarian Left that you purchase through the Distro, C4SS will receive a percentage. Support C4SS with ALL Distro’s Bookshelf of the Libertarian Left.

$92.00 for the first copy. $72.00 for every additional copy.

We offer trade-paperback editions of left-libertarian books including works by Kevin Carson, Gary Chartier, and Charles Johnson. You can:

  • Purchase copies of individual titles with the listings below; or
  • Pick up a whole little left-libertarian library: 5 books for $92.00
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory