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In this booklet, left-libertarian Darian Worden explores the relationship between the global economic and political crisis, and the future direction of global power. The three great tendencies for the role of politics in the new world will be a collapse back into reactionary nationalism, plutocracy and global corporate power, or the rise and liberation of a new model for social power — not concentrated, but distributed social power on a global scale.

“While today’s states are very powerful, cracks in their power can open as they adapt to a changing world. […] Possible courses for the changing role of the state in an era of globalization can be represented by three general tendencies: reactionary nationalism, global corporate rule, or global distributed power.

“Reactionary nationalism involves the cultivation of local or national chauvinism, the closing of borders to people, products, and capital, and the suspicion of those perceived as “others” or “outsiders.” Global corporate rule means the rule of political and economic elites, where political power typically is applied so that risk and cost are socialized while profits are privatized as much as possible.

“Global distributed power means that powers held by political and economic elites become more widely dispersed among the population, with no region or body dominating others. It means trade between strong communities. It means that more people are able to exercise more decision-making power over their own lives. […] Of course, most of today’s powerful probably do not want to let go of their power, and they have many resources and techniques to steer events and discourse their way. The solution is to dismantle power structures and create alternative social groupings to disperse power horizontally. […]”

Darian Worden is a left-libertarian writer and activist living and working in New Jersey. He is a News Analyst for the Center for a Stateless Society, a frequent contributor to ALLiance Journal and a host of the internet radio show Thinking Liberty.

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