Tyranny Is The Norm

In an October 5 article written by Brian W. Walsh for the Washington Times, are described two situations which exemplify beyond rebuttal why government itself must go.

In the first instance, an elderly couple, Kathy and George Norris of Spring, Texas, had their home raided by an armed SWAT team – of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents. These government goons tore open file cabinets, rifled through paperwork, and generally ransacked their house. Why? At first when Mrs. Norris contacted some court employees to ask just that question, she was told, “You don’t need to know. You can’t know.” It turned out that Mr. Norris ran a small home-based business importing and selling orchids. Orchids. Apparently Mr. Norris and his overseas suppliers never prepared paperwork required by an obscure international treaty regulating such activity. Norris ended up being convicted in a federal court and served almost two years in Club Fed. At his sentencing, the black-robed monster presiding said, “Sometimes life serves us lemons.” You know the rest about lemonade. This is the level of compassion displayed by such mindless robots. (As an aside, I wonder whether Mr. Norris’s suppliers in Holland or wherever got into dutch with their supposedly less free government. I sincerely doubt it.) In fact, Walsh himself wrote, “If only Mr. Norris had been a Libyan terrorist, maybe some European official at least would have weighed in on his behalf to secure a health-based mercy release.” Mr. Norris suffered from diabetes, heart trouble, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. But don’t forget: “Your” government is not only entirely necessary, but is also there to care for you. With that kind of “care,” who needs Lucifer and the Grim Reaper?

In the second case, Krister Evertson was federally prosecuted not once, but twice, for trying to develop clean energy fuel cells. The first time around, it was for failing to put a government-mandated sticker on a UPS package in which he shipped some entirely innocuous supplies. Thankfully, the government actually impanelled a jury bright enough to acquit Evertson. But, true to their loving nature, the feds just went after him on a separate charge. This time around for an alleged technicality violation wherein they claimed that Evertson “abandoned” some of his fuel-cell materials while defending himself on the initial charge. This time, the G-men were able to beat their chests proudly. Evertson, like Mr. Norris, ended up doing nearly two years in a federal cage.

These are not anomalies, folks – rare occurences where the usual rules don’t apply like spotting a UFO or Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. This is business as usual when dealing with government. This is the norm, as routine as it gets, and just because it hasn’t happened to you (yet) doesn’t mean it isn’t always happening to someone else, somewhere in America. Of course, the spin from the Washington Times (all due respect to Mr. Walsh) is that laws must be streamlined, congressional hearings must be convened to solve the problem, all while the bureaucrats who hands-on committed these inexcusable actions are in fact excused, unpunished. After all, they were just “doing their jobs.” Just like at Nuremburg.

There is effectively no difference in principle between the actions of the Nazis, or communists, or the American government. It’s hardly even a matter of degree anymore; the gap is closing. All governments everywhere and throughout history are essentially the same. Thousands of years of experience have proven they can never be “reformed.” Their basic nature denies any possibility of such outright. They can only be abolished altogether. The survival and the advance of free humanity depends upon it.

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