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Molotov Pill Bottle: Radical Answers to Failed Capitalist Healthcare
[Hear an in-depth discussion on this article and its topics in this episode of The Enragés] A recent legislative attempt at Medicare and Healthcare expansion has fallen to the monopolistic death-grip of corporate lobbyists. What does the history of radical alternatives to healthcare have to teach us? Before looking at examples of solutions, it is…
The War on the Homeless
“Anti-government types” are often accused of not caring about poor people because we suggest that communities and charities can help them better than government can. This claim seems vindicated when considering the numerous ways governments both create poverty and harm the poor. The homeless are especially victimized by government laws. According to the most recent findings, on a…
The Abolition Of Poverty
A half-century of the “War on Poverty” has not yet come close to making poverty in the United States a thing of the past. Even so staunch a defender as  Paul Krugman admits that “progress against poverty has nonetheless been disappointingly slow.” Supposedly, poverty is simply so intractable that even a gargantuan initiative cannot be expected to…
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