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La Moderna Forma Urbana Come Costrutto Capitalista
Di Dawie Coetzee. Originale pubblicato il 6 luglio 2022 con il titolo The Modern Urban Form as a Capitalist Construct. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In un quarto d’ora su internet non son riuscito a trovare quando l’espressione “andare in città” ha finito per significare (secondo un modo di dire inglese, ndt) fare qualcosa con grande…
The Modern Urban Form as a Capitalist Construct
I could not, in the course of a fifteen-minute internet search, find a definite first attestation of the expression “to go to town,” meaning to do something with great energy or exuberance. That a number of sources report a probable 19th-century American origin is not surprising given that the idiom rests on a metaphoric use…
Geo-Mutualist Depictions of Occupancy-and-Use Fall Flat
Geo-Mutualist Depictions of Occupancy-and-Use Fall Flat Carson Adresses Schnack’s Criticisms Will begins by questioning the extent to which non-Proviso Lockeanism and occupancy-and-use really do occupy a single “stickiness” spectrum: …[H]e acknowledges … that mutualism and neo-Lockeanism may exist on a spectrum in regards to conventions relating to abandonment and community reclamation. It is implied that capitalists…
Abolish the Wage System, not Wage Labor
Right libertarians tend to be brilliant defenders of wage labor, but often overlook the wage system. They are right as far as they go about wage labor, but ignore the structural inequality that affects the kinds of employment opportunities that people have — the kind that relies on political power. Wage labor is fine. The…
Свободный рынок — свобода от наёмного рабства
Карсон: Наемный труд в значительной степени явление несвободных рынков.
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